Project Kaida:
Redeveloping The Gurkha Museum

The redevelopment of The Gurkha Museum is taking place under Project Kaida.  Kaida is the Nepali word for a unique blend of heritage, customs and ethos, and a forward-looking mindset.  Kaida is the ‘Gurkha way’ and has been central to the successful contributions of the Gurkhas for over two hundred years of military service.   

Project Kaida is more than refitting a military museum: this redevelopment project will provide the opportunity to celebrate a unique and enduring cultural and historical legacy, and a military ethos respected across the world.  The project will deliver a world-class visitor experience to the widest audience, both virtual and physical, by celebrating and explaining the contributions of Gurkhas to the United Kingdom, and to global peace and security.  

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Our current situation

Since the opening of the Museum on its current site in 1990, there have been many changes to the Brigade of Gurkhas, to Nepal and the nature of conflicts in which Gurkhas have served.  Technological and societal changes mean heritage can be, and ought to be, made more accessible.  Constrained by the current layout and resources, the Museum has been unable to adapt appropriately to reflect and leverage these seismic changes. 

Our future 

Project Kaida will transform the Museum’s offering to celebrate the contributions of the Gurkhas to Britain yesterday, today and into the future.

  • The Museum galleries will be completely renovated to ensure the Museum becomes a global must-visit destination.
  • The library will be remodeled into an international research and education centre.
  • The archives will be digitised to transform the access and research potential of their contents.
  • A three-year funded innovative outreach and education programme will be put into action.

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Our fundraising capital appeal  

The total project goal of £5.2 million covers the stripping out and refitting the public galleries; transforming the library into a research and education centre; digitisation of the archives; and an innovative outreach and engagement programme.   

The Brigade of Gurkhas has chosen The Gurkha Museum’s project as its charity of choice for two years.  The Museum has been awarded initial development funding (round 1) from the National Lottery Heritage Fund with a subsequent grant application to follow.  When successful, the application for a National Lottery implementation grant (round 2) will fund two-thirds of the redevelopment project.  To achieve Project Kaida the Museum must match this financial support by December 2024. 

Our fundraising appeal has started well, through the generosity and commitment of the serving Gurkha community, the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and individual donations.

There is less than £1.2m to be raised. 

Please contact us to discover more about the redevelopment of The Gurkha Museum at  This is an ambitious charitable project which will transform The Gurkha Museum; this redevelopment project will honour and celebrate what it means to be a Gurkha and focus upon their individual and collective historic and continuing global impact.  Your support is vital. 


“We heard about Project Kaida and wanted to be involved in the redevelopment of The Gurkha Museum.  To fundraise for our Museum and to commemorate the bravery of Gurkha soldiers during World War II, on the 78th anniversary of VJ Day we organised a 78-mile loaded march.  We are grateful to everyone who supported our fundraiser. Jai The Gurkha Museum!”

Sergeant Sovit Baniya, 10 The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistics Regiment

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Our timeline

“Unnatiko lagi parivartan garnuhos, tara aphno virasata nabirsanuhos”

“Change to progress, but do not forget your heritage”.

[Nepali proverb]


  • The redevelopment project started in 2021 with a comprehensive consultation programme, leading to an outline vision for the future.
  • The Brigade of Gurkhas dedicated a significant uplift in its contribution from the Service Day’s Pay Giving Scheme for two years from 2022.
  • The bid for development funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund was made and awarded in 2023.
  • Capital works transformed the library into a state-of-the-art reference, research and education centre.
  • The Concept Design (RIBA Stage 2) for the public galleries has been achieved.  Review the plans here.



  • Fundraising campaign to match National Lottery grant.
  • Consultations with stakeholders continue. Contact us to be involved.
  • The bid for the second round of National Lottery funding will be prepared and submitted in 2024.
  • The digitisation of the archives commences in 2024.
  • The outreach activity programme will be designed in 2024.
  • Capital works on the two public galleries will start in 2025 and be completed by early 2026.

With the redevelopment of The Gurkha Museum complete, The Gurkha Museum will be the global reference centre for Gurkha heritage and the must-visit destination that honours the Gurkhas’ historic, current and future contributions.

You are invited to be part of this historic project and be part of the Gurkhas’ heritage.

“Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, 

never had a country more faithful friends than you.”

Professor Sir Ralph Turner MC

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