Fundraise for the future of Gurkha heritage

Fundraise for the future of Gurkha heritage

Why fundraise?

The Gurkha Museum Trust (GMT) is the heritage charity with the responsibility to preserve, promote and honour the history, culture and traditions of the Gurkha Soldier.

We are currently asking for financial assistance to both help with the routine costs of running The Gurkha Museum and to support with Project Kaida, a capital fundraising campaign to redevelop The Gurkha Museum.

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Caring and improving our collection

Every object we care for comes at a cost. Your assistance in helping us preserve and share the stories behind over 30,000 artefacts and archives is needed more than ever.

Please contact us if there are any particular items or periods of Gurkha history you might wish to sponsor.

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Project Kaida

Securing the future of Gurkha heritage

The redevelopment of The Gurkha Museum is called Project Kaida. A museum transformation, on the scale of Project Kaida will only be realised through support from donors and funders. 

We will be fundraising to match the NLHF’s generous grant.  We are grateful for the generous financial support from the serving Brigade officers and soldiers.  Please contact us if you would consider being involved with Project Kaida. This is an ambitious charitable project.  Your support is vital. 

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Why Gurkhas are fundraising for Gurkha heritage

After hearing about a friend who had fundraised for The Gurkha Museum, Rifleman Subash Gurung and Rifleman Mahesh Limbu decided to take on a challenge to support the work of The Gurkha Museum Trust.

To commemorate the achievements of the 6th Gurkha Rifles marching approximately  400 miles from the Chindwin River to Fort Dufferin during The Second World War, Subash and Mahesh volunteered to run 400 miles over four months and raised an incredible £1,627 for The Gurkha Museum Trust.

Rifleman Subash Gurung, Gurkha Company (Mandalay): 

“The Gurkha Museum is the one place preserving and promoting the history of our forefathers to a wider audience.  I chose to fundraise for Project Kaida to help protect this history for the future.  I would like to thank all the supporters, including my friends, family, chain of command, and even strangers who sent their encouragement.  Thank you everyone for your support and donations towards The Gurkha Museum Trust.” 

Watch the full interview with Subash as he explains why raising money for Gurkha heritage is so important for him.

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Recent Fundraising Success Stories

Cpl Jiwan Limbu

Amount Raised: £230

Jiwan Limbu, Mohan Gurung, Raju Gurung, Sangam Rai and Nitesh Rai raised money giving haircuts at a haircut charity event.


LCpl Kumar Budha Magar and LCpl Mabo Lok

Amount Raised: £205

Hosted a charity mess dinner on Maghe Sankranti featuring a delicious pork and chicken curry.

Dhanyabad Kumar and Mabo!

Queen's Gurkha Engineers Ladies community

Amount Raised: £400

Raised money serving food at a community event.


15 Squadron - 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC

Amount Raised: £435

SSgt Arjun Gurung and soldiers from 13 Air Assault Support Regiment RLC completed a doko challenge.


10 QOGLR Welfare Department

Amount Raised – £355

The 10 QOGLR Welfare Department raised funds for Project Kaida by organising a charity movie night.


Pvt Raj Kumar Tamang (10QOGLR)

Amount Raised: £595

Completed 1914 press ups in four hours in remembrance of The First World War.

Dhanyabad Raj!

Pvt Sagar Shahi

Amount Raised: £725

Gave charity haircuts whilst out on operation.

Dhanyabad Sagar!

The Gurkha Wing Mandalay ladies

Amount Raised: £300

Making and selling Momo at the Brecon Military Show 2023.

Dhanyabad !

Cpl Sunil Subba & Cpl Harkaraj Rai

Amount Raised: £817

Organising and running a food stall at ITC Catterick.


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