Collections FAQ's

Collections FAQ's

  • Do we hold service records?

We do not hold copies of most service records. However over time some individual records have been donated to the archives and form part of our collections.

  • Can I come to the museum to do research?

Absolutely, however all research visits MUST be booked in advance (to ensure there are no clashes with other events) and may be subject to a research fee.

  • Can I donate items to the museum?

Any items connected to the history of Gurkha Service to Britain may qualify as coming under our collections remit, and so our staff will in the majority of cases evaluate these as potential donations. However, to ensure this is done in an ethical and proper manner every donation must be discussed with museum management before any objects arrive at the museum. Impromptu or unplanned donations may be refused or turned away on this basis.

  • I have a kukri that I’d like to donate to the museum

We are very fortunate to have a large number of khukuris in our museum from all aspects of Gurkha history. Coupled with reasons of storage space, this means that we are not currently able to accept every khukuri offered to us out of hand.

If you have a khukuri you may wish to donate to the museum, please contact the Assistant Curator via email (if possible) with as much provenance and detail about the khukuri and its history as you have, along with images of the khukuri. This will allow us to cross-reference against our existing collections and make the most informed decision possible about accepting any donation.

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