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Located in Peninsula Barracks in Winchester The Gurkha Museum takes you on a journey through Gurkha history, beginning with their origins in Nepal and the moment in 1815 when Gurkhas were first enlisted to fight for Britain. The extraordinary stories on display and housed in our archives cover not only the battles and campaigns but the culture and religion of the homeland of this unique fighting force. We see them locked in battle with mutinous sepoys in 1857, then standing guard in India’s North West and North East frontiers before being sent half a world away to the trenches of the Western Front in 1914 and The Falkland Islands in the early 1980s.

Through its collections and archives the Museum represents over 200 years of a unique and historic relationship, one that continues to this day, with the annual recruitment of Gurkhas from Nepal continuing to be vital for Britain’s Armed Forces.

History & Collections

Gurkhas at Ahnai Tangi – 14 January 1920

In the aftermath of the First World War a great deal of unrest occurred on the North-West Frontier between India and Afghanistan. The brief 3rd...

Gurkhas and the North-West Frontier

During the period of British rule in India, the British administration often found itself in conflict on its north-western border with Afghanistan. This region, known...

Gurkhas and the First World War

Prior to the outbreak of the First World War the existing 10 Gurkha Regiments of the Gurkha Brigade had only served in Europe once, very...

The Brunei Revolt and The Borneo Confrontation

In 1962 the island of Borneo comprised four different states: Kalimantan, North Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei. The latter three were British supported territories. In the aftermath of the Malayan Emergency, declared over in 1960,...

What's on at The Gurkha Museum

Lecture and Curry Lunch – The British Army in the Napoleonic Wars

09th December 2021

Armchair Battlefield Tour - The British Army in the Napoleonic Wars The British Army, once described by a (French) critic as being ‘a mob of flogged criminals led by coffee house fops’  in ...

Lecture and Curry Lunch: The American Revolution

15th April 2021

Armchair Battlefield Tour - The American Revolution A revolution? A rebellion? A civil war? A fight for liberty against an oppressive colonial power? Opportunism? A French ploy to obtain control of ...

Peak Performers – an evening of Lectures and Curry Supper

30th September 2021

Peak Performers Mountaineering Exploration within the Brigade and Beyond The Brigade of Gurkhas has a long tradition of mountaineering excellence, join us for an evening of lectures and hear the ...

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