The Jungle War - An adventure story for 8-12 year olds

Introducing The Jungle War.

As the Second World War sweeps the globe, follow 18-year-old Jim Chance into the jungles of Burma. Meet Thaman, a Gurkha soldier, and join the men in a fight for survival like no other. Raging rivers, ferocious beasts and the deadly might of the Japanese Army will push Jim and Thaman to the edge. Is there a way back from the brink? And when all is said and done, will the world remember their story?

This is the tale of The Forgotten Army.

Reader, you are charged with making sure we remember it.

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The untold story of a fight for survival

In the Second World War, over 137,000 Gurkha soldiers served within the British Indian Army and nine Victoria Crosses were awarded to Gurkha units during the Burma campaign.

Written by Hannah Watson, published by The Gurkha Museum and supported by Sampan Travel, The Jungle War is an adventure story for 8-12 year olds, inspired by the historical events of the Burma Campaign during the Second World War and the soldiers who fought in it.

The truth behind the fiction

About the Author

Hannah Watson is an author and illustrator based in Oxford, UK. After writing and editing over 30 titles for children with Usborne Publishing, her freelance work has focused on fulfilling private commissions, often illustrations of buildings around her historic home city. The Jungle War is her first book written for the middle grade age range, and her first foray into writing about the endlessly fascinating and moving subject of the Second World War.

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