Need Help with an Archive Enquiry?

The Gurkha Museum is a Registered Charity (reg. Charity No: 1169920) and as such we are only able to make provision for archive research by our staff and volunteers by charging for the service.

Our archive research services are charged at a rate of £35 per enquiry, which covers the first two hours of research, with a further charge of £20/hour for any further research conducted. Please submit all such enquiries through the Museum website. When submitting an enquiry please ensure to include as much detail concerning the individual in question, such as their full name, rank, regimental number and regiment and dates and locations of service, etc.

(NB: the museum does not hold service records of former Gurkha officers or soldiers).

We also offer a dedicated library and research space for those wishing to come to the museum and conduct research on site. Please submit all enquiries regarding organising a research visit to the curatorial team at

Archive Enquiries

Please fill out the form to submit your research request. When making an enquiry on an individual, please include as much information as possible.

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