Gharma Siknu

Gharma Siknu - Learn at Home

Join our hosts Gaumaya and Brian as they go right back through the 200+ year history of the Gurkha soldier through both world wars and some of the other most interesting stories from Gurkha history.

Designed for Key Stage 2 children, these films were filmed in Hampshire and were funded by the Army Museums Ogilby Trust.

Session 1: Origins of The Gurkhas

Journey back to 1815 and learn the story of the Gurkhas and Britain, whose paths intertwined in the midst of warfare but bloomed into a friendship that defied borders and endured through the ages. Learn about the respect built between the two sides during The Battle of Kalunga, that formed the bedrock of this unique and treasured relationship.

Session 2: A Gurkhas guide to breaking into a fort – The Battle of Koonja.

Experience the awe-inspiring story of the Gurkhas as they overcome seemingly insurmountable odds by employing innovative tactics. Witness how their khukuris became an extraordinary instrument of warfare, as they unite strength, skill, and valor to breach the walls of a formidable enemy fort.

Session 3: Kulbir Thapa’s Victoria Cross Journey across no-man’s land during The First World War.

Experience the gripping story of Kulbir Thapa’s unparalleled heroism in the face of adversity during The First World War. Witness how his selflessness and exceptional battlefield bravery earned him the coveted Victoria Cross, leaving an enduring impact on the history of the Gurkhas and inspiring generations to come.

Session 4: Gurkhas fighting in Burma – Tulbahadur Pun VC, Michael Allmand VC and The Second World War

This educational film chronicles the awe-inspiring story of Tulbahadur Pun, a brave Gurkha soldier who fought alongside the Chindits during The Second World War. Journey through the harsh jungles of Burma and witness the resilience, valour, and unwavering determination of Tulbahadur and his fellow Chindits in their daring mission behind enemy lines.

Session 5: The unofficial Gurkha mascot – Nepti the Tiger

Learn about the heartwarming story of Gurkha soldiers and the tiger cub they embraced as their own. You’ve learnt about the fierceness and bravery of the Gurkhas, it is now time to learn of the compassion and humanity that they showed to an young tiger orphan in the midst of the Malayan Emergency.

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