Project Kaida - July 2023

What are Project Kaida’s objectives?

Project Kaida aims to transform the Museum’s offering into a global historical and cultural reference centre to celebrate the service contributions of the Brigade of Gurkhas to Britain yesterday, today and into the future.  Crucially, the redeveloped Museum will capture the unique, omnipresent kaida that permeates every artefact and story.

Project Kaida will:
• Rejuvenate, reinterpret and redisplay the Museum’s collections
• Project to new audiences through physical and virtual innovations
• Include an extensive programme of outreach and education
• Provide a multi-purpose activity and research space by remodelling our Library
• Set the conditions for enduring financial security.

Project Kaida will honour the Nepali saying: “Unnatiko lagi parivartan garnuhos, tara aphno virasata nabirsanuhos” which translates to “Change to progress, but do not forget your heritage”.

What are Project Kaida’s objectives?

The redevelopment of The Gurkha Museum is called Project Kaida.

Kaida is the Nepali word for a unique blend of heritage, customs and ethos, and a forward-looking mindset.  Kaida continues to be central to what it means to be a Gurkha soldier.

Project Kaida is not solely focused on refitting a miliary museum.  Project Kaida provides an opportunity to celebrate a unique and enduring cultural and historical legacy, and military ethos respected across the world.  Project Kaida will deliver a world class visitor experience to the widest audience, both virtual and physical, by celebrating and explaining the contributions of Gurkhas to the UK and worldwide.

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