Occurring each year in the south-Asian Country of Brunei, Exercise HIKMAT BERSATU ENAM aims to test and support the operational skills of the Royal Brunei Armed forces. Gurkhas of the Royal Gurkha Rifles play a key role in this peacekeeping training as a Battalion of that Regiment is always based in Brunei. Forces which are involved in this training include the Royal Brunei Police Force, the Brunei Gurkha Reserve unit and British Forces Brunei.


In 2021 service personnel of the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Gurkha Rifles under the leadership of Sergeant Arjun Tamang deployed to Papua New Guinea as part of Exercise OLGETA WARRIOR 21. This exercise aimed to deliver training to musicians of the Royal Pacific Island Regiment to improve their skills and to build cooperation between the armed forces of both countries.

Operation TRENTON 8

As part of Operation TRENTON, the British element of the ongoing United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan, soldiers of 69 Gurkha Field Squadron (part of the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers) joined as part of over 300 soldiers deployed in 2020 to the region to assist with a wide range of engineering projects. During the operation over 24km of road were upgraded, bridges repaired and hospitals built.

Operation NEWCOMBE

As part of the UN’s ongoing support mission to Mali, Gurkha soldiers from across the Brigade have deployed to the country to provide training and support to Malian troops in the face of ongoing security issues across much of the country.

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