The Battle of Kalunga

The Battle of Kalunga

Anglo Nepal War | October – November 1814

Sometimes called Nalapani, The hill fort of Kalunga was garrisoned by about 600 soldiers of the Goorkha Army.

Against them? 1,600 British and Indian soldiers outnumbering the Goorkhas nearly 3:1.

Attack after attack the Goorkhas furiously resisted and on 31st October 1814, having seen the Goorkhas swarm over the walls of the fort, kurkris unsheathed, General Gillespie, the British commander charged in, only to be killed at the head of his men.

Despite further attacks and artillery bombardment, the Goorkhas were not to be beaten and on the night of 29th November they charged out of the fort and escaped. There were 70 survivors from the original 600 with the British suffering 750 casualties!

After the battle, two memorials were erected. One to General Gillespie and the British and Indian casualties and the other to the commander of the fort, General Balbhadra and his brave Goorkhas.

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