Linda the bear

Linda the bear


In 1976 Gurkhas were on exercise in the jungle when they came upon an abandoned honey-bear cub. For an unknown reason the bear was named Linda and instantly became a favourite amongst the soldiers. A regular at the NAAFI she enjoyed Mars bars, tiger beer, condensed milk and coca cola.

Eventually it was decided that due to her size, Linda must be transferred to Singapore Zoo. When the welcoming party came to greet her after her flight however,  the bars of her cage were said to have been broken and the cage left empty. It transpired that Linda had shared her flight with a selection of delicious, freshly picked fruits which she had clearly assumed to be her in flight meal… She was soon found ambling down the main runaway and quickly transported to Singapore Zoo.

You can now have your very own ‘Linda the bear’ soft toy sporting a camo shirt and Gurkha Museum logo. Just make sure to keep her well clear of the fruit bowl…

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