Slim Sahib

A virtual lecture on Britain’s Greatest Ever General.

From May 1920 until his command in Burma, Field Marshal Slim was an Indian Army officer. He was known by the rank and file as Slim Sahib, not Uncle Bill. As a result, when he led the huge 14th Army in Burma, comprising mostly Indian, Gurkha, and British troops, he already knew most of his key commanders as friends; he could speak the languages of his men and he understood how to inspire them .

These lectures, delivered by former Gurkha Officers Bob Couldrey, John Mackinlay and Ray Pett, will trace the career of Captain WJ Slim from his first operation on the North West Frontier to his million-strong command in Burma, showing the importance of his twenty years in the Indian Army as a British Gurkha officer.

Tune in here on Thursday 2 December at 7pm, as we celebrate Slim’s time with the Gurkhas and share how he become to be known as ‘Britain’s Greatest Ever General’.


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Date: 02nd December 2021

Time: 7.00pm

Cost: FREE

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