Gaje Ghale VC

Gaje Ghale VC

Between the 24th and 27th May 1943, a force of Japanese soldiers attempted an advance into the Chin Hills. After two assaults against the Japanese position had failed, a third was made by troop which included a platoon led by Gaje Ghale. Whilst preparing his young and relatively inexperienced platoon of Gurkhas, Gaje Ghale was hit in the arm, chest and leg by shrapnel from a Japanese grenade. Ignoring the wounds, he rallied his men and charged forward.

A bitter hand to hand struggle began. Gaje Ghale launched grenades covered in his own blood whilst shouting the Gurkha battle cry ‘Ayo Gurkhali!’.

The enemy were driven off and the Gurkhas consolidated the position whilst under heavy fire. For his ‘courage, determination and leadership’, Gaje Ghale was awarded the Victoria Cross.

Gaje Ghale received his Victoria Cross from the Viceroy, Field Marshal Lord Wavell, at Delhi in 1944 and was later decorated by the Prime Minister of Nepal in Kathmandu with the Star of Nepal. He also attended the Victory Parade in London in 1946.

After Independence in 1947, Gaje Ghale remained with his battalion serving the Government of India and became Subedar Major. He was eventually given the honorary rank of Captain and before retiring, served in the Congo with the United Nations Force.

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