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June 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016
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A Gurkha’s Story


The explosive true story of the first Gurkha in the SAS.

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This is the first ever autobiography of a Gurkha soldier. The author was also the first Gurkha to win acceptance into the elite ranks of the SAS. Within these pages is a thrilling and inspiring story, which will be relished and enjoyed by military and non-military enthusiasts alike. Detailed and fascinating descriptions of early life and culture in Nepal, of the incredibly tough selection for both the Gurkhas and the SAS and dramatic, nail-biting deployments in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan experiencing danger, and death at close hand, and where the author served directly alongside Prince Harry, combine with 24 stunning original photographs to create this very handsome and collectible landmark hardback volume. In the depictions of Nepalese family life and customs, of the author’s cherished dream of honouring his father’s name and military prowess in World War Two, the rivalries and bonds of friendship and camaraderie among fellow soldiers, as well as some of the experiences of Gurkhas coming to Britain for the first time, the story is a personal and often moving one, told with honesty, sensitivity and good humour. As well as being a remarkable true-life adventure and a unique military memoir this is a multi-layered book, revealing among other things some of the conflicts and hidden tensions at work within the British Army and the Brigade of Gurkhas, including the veiled influence of the caste system. ‘A Gurkha’s Story’ makes for truly inspiring reading, showing how with belief and determination, loyalty, hard work and courage the most difficult of challenges can be overcome, the most impossible seeming dreams realised. The author pays tribute to the opportunities given him by the British Army, offers gratitude to the people of Britain for their support for all of the Gurkhas in past and recent times, and expresses the hope that the special relationship forged over some 200 years between Britain and the people of Nepal will continue to flourish in peace as it has done in war. Most importantly of all, this book is dedicated to the author’s friends and comrades, Nepalese and British, who gave their lives while serving in Afghanistan.

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